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To answer this question, we must go how you set up your medical alert pendant with your provider. When you initially get your pendant, you will be asked to give a medical alert back-up call list. This call list will be made of my people who you know who can come and help in the event of an emergency. Typically, a closed family member who lives by or a trusted neighbor or friend. You will also be given a sheet to fill out with your address, medical history, and any other important information that could help responders help you better.

It should also be noted every Medical Pendant at Independent Life and many other medical alert providers have 2-way voice technology which means an agent will be able to speak to you directly through the pendant or the console. You will not need to pick up a phone to speak to an agent.


This is what will happen when you press the HELP button:

1.     An Alarm/ Confirmation Of An Outgoing Call

When you press the HELP button on your Medical Alert pendant, the first thing you should hear is a loud alarm. This alert should be loud enough so that anyone nearby would come to help by not loud enough so that will be overbearing. There will also be a voice prompt to let you know what is happening. A message like, “Your medical alert pendant is activated, connecting to your mobile responder”.


2.     Connecting To A Monitoring Center

The second step will be a connection to your mobile responder. To reach an agent usually take between 30 seconds to a minute and a half. Before speaking to an agent, you should hear another voice prompt similar to, “Connected, an agent will be with you shortly”. This is when a medical alert agent is pulling up your file and your history.


3.      Speaking with A Monitoring Agent


This is by far the most important step and there are a few scenarios that could happen. A medical agent is trained to uncover what type of medical emergency you are going through and what type of response you need. When in doubt, the monitoring center will always dispatch paramedics to come and help.

  1. A false alarm or testing: there are instances where you press the pendant by mistake and a call goes through to the monitoring center. If this happens, just tell the agent you pressed the pendant by mistake or running a system test, and they need not worry.
  2. You have fallen and you cannot get up: If this is the case, depending on the severity of the fall, either your backup call list will be contacted, or the paramedics will come to your aid.
  3. A severe fall or medical emergency: If you need medical attention, press the HELP button. A server fall could mean you have badly sprained an ankle or having a stroke. If you have a Fall Alert pendant, your pendant will be able to activate and call for help on its own.


4.     Help Is on Its Way

Help is on its way could mean you only need someone to help you up and, in this case, your back up contact list will be called, and help will be on its way. It is also important to note that if we cannot reach anyone on the backup contact list, the paramedics will be notified, and help will be on its way.


In the event of a medical emergency, the paramedics will be dispatched, and help will be there ASAP. It is important to move when you have fallen down and the Medical Alert Agent will be able to stay on the line and help you with other advice until HELP arrives





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