We at Independent Life Medical get asked many questions and these are some of the most common. Please feel free to comment and ask your own questions and we can add them to our list.

Q. What are Medical Alert Pendants?

A. Medical Alert Pendants are devices that can call for help if you fall or need medical attention.

Q. How do Medical Alert Pendants Work?

A. Each pendant is connected to a monitoring center with agents who are trained for a 911 response. When you press your medical alert pendant you will be connected to the medical center and they will determine what response is needed.

Q. What type of medical alert pendants are there?

A. Each pendant is connected to a monitoring station and has two-way voice capabilities.

Traditional Medical Alert Pendant: Mainly used as a proactive approach to managing falls, Traditional Medical Alert Pendants are for use inside the home and have a radius of approximately 1300 feet. The Traditional Medical Alert Pendant has two components: a console and a pendant. When the Traditional Medical Pendant is pressed a signal is sent to a console, which then connects to the monitoring center and the trained agent will be able to speak directly to you through the 2- Way Voice technology on the console.

Fall Alert Medical Alert Pendant: These pendants are used as a reactionary response to a fall or medical emergency. They also use the same console as the traditional pendant and have a radius of 1300 feet. These pendants are unique in that they have a new technology that can catch a fall as it happens.

GPS Medical Alert Pendant: GPS Medical Alert Pendants are used for the more active individual who wants to maintain their independence. Most GPS pendants have a GPS technology but must be in a cell service to communicate with the monitoring center. These pendants can locate someone within 2 feet. Furthermore, 2-Way Voice is embedded into the pendant itself and does not need a console therefore you can speak directly to a monitoring agent directly.


Q. Is Independent Life Canadian?

A. Yes, we are. We are Canadian owned and operated. Our Headquarters is in Ontario and our Monitoring Center is in New Brunswick.


Q. How much do medical pendants cost?

A. It really depends on the pendant and the service but can be anywhere between $39-$56. If you are shopping around, anything less than $39 per month you should be wary. Make sure the company you choose is reputable and has been in business for a while. Having been in the industry for close to 15 years we see a lot of fly-by-night companies come and go. Anything more than $60 per month you may be paying too much.


Q. Are you able to transfer a medical alert system to another house?

A. Yes, schedule a service call and your system can be connected to another home. You will need to update your information such as an address, new phone number and if you need to update your back-up contact list a form will need to fill out.


Q. How far do medical pendants work?

A. Typically, pendants have a radius of 1300 ft but can be affected by external stimuli such as a thick concrete wall.

GPS Pendants can be used anywhere provided they are in cell service to communicate with the monitoring center.


Q. How do I go about purchasing a medical pendant?

A. You can follow this link if you want to proceed with a purchase.


Q. Can I purchase a medical pendant for a family member or a friend?

A. Absolutely. There are many instances where a family purchases a medical pendant for someone else.

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