Peace of Mind Through Independent Living

As a part of the community we at Independent Life Medical value each and everyone we meet. Our work allows us to do what we love and that is protecting those who need assistance in the event of an emergency but it also allows to meet and amazing people who have lived incredible lives. Our most important responsibility is to provide the best quality medical alert pendants and monitoring services. We personally cherish every story we hear and this is why we also have a blog page where our clients can share their stories and express their creative side. Our mission is to provide Peace of Mind Through Independent Living and we hope you enjoy this adventure with us


Our About Page would not be complete without naming other great resources in our community

Where to begin? ILS Medical is happy to be apart of our amazing community in Ottawa and the surrounding area. The following information is for seniors or primary caregivers who want to plan for their retirement.  

Drawing out a plan that takes for of their needs from year to year will be a weight off theirs and I am sure your shoulders (Retirement Planning Information, Retirement Income Calculator). Once you know where they stand it is important to get them access to the benefits they should get. If you are entitled to your Canadian Pension Plan, you can apply for it here (CPP Retirement Pension), if you are a widower (Survivors Pension), if you have worked abroad (Pension and Benefits for Those Who Worked Abroad), and if you are a pensioner with a disability (CPP Pension Plan Disability Benefits).

In Canada, the government gives each person over the age of 65, the amount depending on income, Old Age Security (Old Age Security Program, Old Age Security Tool Kit) which should take care of their immediate financial income needs. However, if this amount is too low for various reasons, the there is a “top up” which may be applicable for you (Guaranteed Income Supplement, or Guaranteed Annual Income System Payments for Seniors,). 

If you are between the ages of 59 and 65, and need financial help, you can access a government funded allowance that can help you access your  (Allowance for People Aged 60-64, ). The truth is and the number growing of those who still work in the 60’s and 70’s. if this is you or one of your parents you or they be eligible for a post benefits plan which will increase your retirement income (Post-Retirement Benefits).

Taking care of their income and making sure they are financially stable is a big step to the wellbeing of your parents. After completing this step, you will have the knowledge they are financially stable and are able to weather the storm of retirement, you will sleep better and so will they. However, it does not stop here. There are other great programs that are there to support and make retirement a golden period.

Energy bills can be awfully expensive and can cause many seniors to keep their heat exceptionally low and refrain to use appliances to cut down on costs. This should not be the case, these programs can make their energy bills more manageable (Affordability Fund, Ontario Electricity Support Program, Low Income Energy Assistance Program, Pay for Delivery of Wood, Oil, or Propane Program, Home Assistance Program).

It is also important to look at other ways your parents will be able to save during this time. You can manage expenses with a property tax deferral program (Provincial Land Tax Deferral Program for Low Income Seniors), save on taxable gas expenditures (Federal Excise Gasoline Refund Program), help care for pet costs (Pet care costs), and a multitude of other programs here (A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors. You can also see how your taxes will be different when you reach the age of 65 (Tax credits and benefits).

If either of your parents are veterans, they can also qualify for these additional benefits:

Other great links to programs and benefits that help seniors


Programs that provide affordable housing,

Ontario Homeowners Property Tax Grant,

March of Dimes,

Home and Vehicle modification Program,

Health care

Dental Care for low-income seniors

Geriatrics Care

Colon Cancer Screening Program,

Hearing Care for adults over 55

Ask a Pharmacist questions

Drug Plans Link

Ontario Drug Benefit, and check to see if your prescription is covered,

Assistive Devices Program,

Home Care

Health Care at Home Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) for PWC Worker Suppor