Independent LIFE medical

Peace of Mind Through Independent Living


  • Advanced fall detection
    for 24/7 alerts to family
    and caregivers
  • GPS Fully mobile for personal
    safety at home and on
    the go
  • Device and event notifications
    for keeping the family and
    caregivers informed
  • Water-resistant to 1 meter (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes. Designed to be worn in the shower

Peace of Mind

You will have the peace of mind knowing your PERS unit is of the highest quality and will be there in the event of an emergency

24/7 live monitoing

When it comes to monitoring your PERS pendant, you cannot settle for second best. Independent Life monitors your device here in Canada by highly trained agents ready to help when you need it

100% service & Device Warranty

Rest assured you will get the customer service you deserve. Your PERS unit has a guaranteed lifetime service and device warranty

How it works:

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Every circumstance is different: Speak with your customer service agent and make sure you have all the information you need

Choose your PERS Device

By speaking with your customer service agent you can choose the device that best suits your needs

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Falls weren't something I had ever thought about.  Besides, I had my life partner whom I could S>O>S> had there been a difficulty getting myself back on my feet.  Presently, I am living in another senior residence in another city where I find myself alone.

While showering here one evening a thought suddenly occurred to me.  The soapy water was so warm and soothing,--- but clear across the bathroom and tucked behind the toilet waa that red cord to summon the nursing station should I take a tumble.   Shortly after, and fortunately, Independent Life Systems in Ottawa came to my rescue.  No longer do I feel completely alone as I wear my GPS medical alert pendant  while  being anywhere outside my room or elsewhere than this building.  Nor do I feel I am alone in the shower as I wear my other smaller waterproof model.  This device works fine anywhere in my rooms. 

 I have never had a fall, but while exercising it is nice to hear that  voice "Are you O.K., Alaine?" if I should mistakenly press the button.  Thank you Independent Life!                                            
ILS Medical Pendant Ottawa
Alaine Baines
We at ROSSS, enjoy a meaningful and fruitful partnership with ILS Medical to further support the seniors in our community. They are professional, passionate and a pleasure to work with. Their dedication to ensuring seniors are safe and well cared for is evident in everything they do. We are so grateful for the partnership we’ve been able to enjoy with ILS Medical and look forward to continuing to work together to improve the lives of seniors, ensuring they can stay in their homes safely for as long as possible.’
Melissa MacIsaac, Community and Corporate Manager Rural Ottawa South Support Services
ILS Medical ROSSS Manotick
Melissa MacIsaac
Community and Corporate Manager Rural Ottawa South Support Service

Although a resident in a wonderful retirement home, I worried about my mother falling at night or while in the shower and being unable to summon help. Since acquiring the personal emergency response system, my concerns have been alleviated. Should she fall, or lose consciousness, I know that the monitoring station will immediately respond and make sure assistance is on the way.


Upon contacting ILS Medical, her situation was assessed to determine the most appropriate system for her, meeting our needs as well as securing a no-fail system that we know will be there if ever needed. With a variety of systems on the market, ILS Medical evaluated a variety of options, ensuring their reliability whether she was in her retirement home unit, outside of the building or deep within the depths of basement. ILS Medical stands behind their products and responds to any concerns in a timely manner. I know that I can count on ILS Medical to be there.

Personal Emergency Response Systems in Ottawa
Janice Brownridge